Get an Offer!

1. Contact Us

You reach out to us about hoping to sell your house.  We’ll collect all the relevant data. We’ll go over your situation together and work together to figure out the best way forward for you.

2. We Inspect the Property

We’ll come to meet you at your house and take a tour.  This is the time for us to come up with our estimations for any or all the repairs that we think are necessary.

3. We Make an Offer to Buy your House

We’ll present an offer and go over the purchase agreement to ensure that you understand it completely.  We’re happy to answer any and all questions and want you to feel completely comfortable in making the right decision to sell to us.

4. Contract to Closing

After you agree to sell.  We perform any other necessary inspections.  We take care of the title work, and then we go to the closing where you get a check!

Don’t wait, call us today at 770-765-3288 or fill out the contact form now! There’s no obligation and your consultation is FREE.